Show your legs! Plus size tights online shop Miss Difusa has launched

Show your legs! Plus size tights online shop Miss Difusa has launched

  • Posted: Feb 11, 2013
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Miss Difusa is a new UK based online shop for plus size tights, leggings and underwear founded by Patricia Moral. Miss Difusa’s customer target is plus size women who love feeling confident and comfortable wearing tights and underwear that really fits.

100percemtpeople, plus size fashion It all started when Patricia Moral, the founder, was invited to a wedding and needed to quickly buy a pair of tights. Patricia, who is a size UK20, found extremely hard to find a pair that fitted her properly without rolling down her knees after 5 minutes: ‘I couldn’t find a pair that fit me well. There and then I decided I needed to do something about it. Miss Difusa was born two weeks later after an intense search for wholesalers of plus size hosiery and underwear and learning all I could about starting your own business ’.

Miss Difusa Facebook page and twitter account were created. ‘ The more I went into plus size blogs the more I realised there was a need for plus size hosiery and then I created the Facebook and Twitter page and people seemed to love the concept of a plus size shop for leggings and tights’.

Fast forward 2 months to January 2013 when its founder managed to put some savings together to build the website and to buy some stock. Then she realised she needed much more money that she thought and going to a bank asking for a loan wasn’t an option. ‘I started a crowdfunding campaign asking for £1500. I made a video and I started promoting the campaign to everybody. It is still going and we have raised a third of it so thank you everyone who has participated’.

100percercentpeople, Plus Size That was the push that Miss Difusa needed and on February 2013 the online shop was launched. ‘We still need more stock and hopefully one day we will expand to underwear but I felt it was the right time to launch with the spring collection and all the funky tights and leggings I had bought so far’.

It was also in time for the first British Plus Size Fashion weekend celebrated in London on the 15th and 16th of February 2013 where Miss Difusa is featured in an advert on the BPSFW brochure.

On its first week trading, Miss Difusa has sold out the ‘leopard print tights’ and the public response to the quality of the product and service has been excellent. ‘I don’t manufacture the tights, I buy them wholesale and resell them at a fair price. I personally try every pair so I know if they fit and they are true to size’.

Miss Difusa long term goal is become an established brand of plus size hosiery and underwear and believes in fair pricing its products.Being plus size in very expensive, we paid double or more for clothes than straight sizes do just because is plus size. I found this terrible unfair for our pockets. Why we (plus size ladies) should we pay so much more just because is plus size?’

If you try some let us know what you think?

Miss Difusa

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