I must admit, I have done it myself and still do it to this day  I put myself down whenever I look at myself in the mirror. Why am I standing here being my own worst enemy? Who has placed these thoughts of inadequacy in my head?

One day I just flipped, this judgement had to end! And I knew who it was causing me to feel this way! Glossy magazines and beauty product advertising. There is no way any one of us can compete with the looks and bodies we see in the fashion industry because they are NOT REAL. These are the images causing us all to feel self doubt, loathing and a complete lack of body confidence.

We have relaunched Real Bodies Unite; a campaign petitioning for at least 10,000 signatures to get body and beauty diversity into the fashion industry.

The Real Bodies Unite petition will be presented to the fashion industry leaders, beauty brands that advertise airbrushed images and will hopefully move forward a change that is needed urgently. We know that most women want to see images that represent them; every shape, every size, everybody. It became apparent after the numerous articles published surrounding the topic of “plus size models”, with responses favouring the way these models looked to the usual size 0 models we see plastered everywhere trying to sell us products and clothes.

What I don’t understand is why fashion is not being portrayed on different women after all we are ALL DIFFERENT! I hate to be a cliché but everybody is beautiful, we are all different for a reason – life would be boring otherwise! A change can only be made if we all come together to do something, after all, it is our own fault that we buy into these images.

So this is my plea, I know there is a lot of you out there, just like me, that refuse to buy the magazines now and there is a definite shift happening within fashion with individuals taking style into their own hands, delivering fashion advice on your own terms. This is what we need to continue to do and when you have a moment to spare please sign our Real Bodies Unite petition!

Thank you for your support

Real Bodies Unite Campaign