Men Your Prostate Could Kill You !!!!

Men Your Prostate Could Kill You !!!!

  • Posted: Jul 03, 2013
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Yes it is a fact and I am living with this …..

It has recently been Prostate Cancer week and Prostate UK are on the TV talking about the fact that 40,000 men are diagnosed with the disease each year.

Although as a man you don’t normally like going to the doctor it could save your life. Also if you do go to get your prostate checked make sure you have a PSA Test.  I have experience of this as I am living with a husband who now has terminal cancer due to late diagnosis.

Here is his story up to 2011

Prostate Cancer – Listen to your Body 

However during 2012 it was discovered, even following a course of radiation, that his PSA readings had raised again and  that the cancer has spread into his Lymph Nodes and is now Metastatic. He is on Hormone Therapy and at the moment we have a prognosis which isn’t great and we live for each day.

Here is some information we found which we would like to share with you

Prostate Cancer – More Information

For more information have a look at the Prostate Cancer site but here is their video about how they are moving forward to help men with this terrible illness …

This is what they say about themselves…..

logoWe began 2012 as The Prostate Cancer Charity. Merging with Prostate Action, we forged a new identity as Prostate Cancer UK: a bold, dynamic and very human organisation, with men at the heart of everything we do.

The generosity of our supporters and of The Movember Foundation has allowed us to invest even more in world-class medical research and the best possible information and support for men.

Find out more about what we do.

If you want any help contact them but if we can help please contact us at – if we can save one life it will be worth it