Lorraine Launches Brazilian Bikini Diet

Lorraine Launches Brazilian Bikini Diet

  • Posted: Jun 09, 2014
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Today on Lorraine they are launching their Brazilian Bikini Diet just in time for what has been forecast as a beautiful summer !

They took three viewers to Rio to shape up for the summer and now we’re inviting you to join them on their weight-loss journey by using our online diet and fitness plan.

“Chef and nutritionist Sally Bee has provided us with mouth-watering yet healthy recipes to get you motivated and LA-based fitness expert Nicola Harrington is also here with her exercise videos to get you moving! Both have loads of great diet and fitness tips to get you fighting fit and looking great in your bikini this summer.

Tune in to Lorraine for the next few weeks for more tips and to see our ladies’ progress and make sure you let is know how you’re getting on with the diet by tweeting us using #BBDiet.”

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Introduction to Sally’s diet plan

Sally Bee BBD

The Brazilian Bikini Diet is all about getting healthy- and weight loss is a very happy side effect of that.

The main principles of the Brazilian Bikini Diet are:

• Be aware of calories but don’t get hung up on counting them constantly

• Make sure everything you eat offers your body a healthy benefit

• Eat the right sized portions for you

• Cut out all processed food and take-away food

• Cut out alcohol until you have reached your target weight

• Cut out all fizzy drinks, even diet drinks unless it’s fizzy water

• Understand the difference between ‘need’ and ‘greed’

• Eat more vegetables, fruit, chicken and fish

• Drink lots of water

The science is simple. If you eat less and move more you WILL lose weight. Listen to your body. Sadly it is impossible for me to be looking over your shoulder all the time – I can advise you but I can’t be there to make your decisions for you. Therefore, it’s important that you get your brain in gear and start to listen to your body. Are you ‘tummy’ hungry or ‘brain’ hungry? If you feel hungry but have had a large meal an hour or so ago, you know you are not ‘tummy’ hungry; meaning your stomach isn’t empty and asking for food.

In this situation, it is your brain telling you to eat because your blood sugar levels have probably dropped. So instead of eating too much food, just eat a small palmful of nuts and raisins. This will be enough to naturally lift your blood sugar levels and keep you going until you are properly ‘tummy’ hungry.

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Meet Nicola Harrington


Nicola Harrington

Nicola Harrington is a British fitness and lifestyle coach,originally from Yorkshire but now residing in Los Angeles.

The mum of three (two boys aged nine and even and a baby girl, ten months) is a leader in fitness, motivation, mentorship and lifestyle techniques and is in demand as a trainer with a select list of clients in the USA and Europe.

Nicola has worked as a model, trainer, on camera expert and behind the scenes expert with many of the top fitness celebrities, directors, TV Networks and brands in the USA, including Jillian Michaels, Tony Horton, p90x, Beachbody, Denise Austin, Herbalife, Teeter, CBS, The Doctors and Lionsgate.

With a focus on women, Nicola is often a speaker at conventions and seminars and has consulted fitness brands on product design and development.

Coming soon in 2014, Nicola will be launching LABodyFit, her own online fitness platform designed to put her methods and techniques in one place and accessible via tablet, smartphone or home computer.

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Brazilian Bikini Diet


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