Discover USC Open House. Just  a day or two kept before we welcome

Discover USC Open House. Just a day or two kept before we welcome

 thousands of students and families for the Discover that is annual USC on Sunday, November 20! Even when you yourself have visited campus in the last, you’ve never experienced it like this. This full day program is intended for you and your family to immerse yourself in everything USC and get all of your questions answered.

The whole time is made to be an Open House. Guests are invited to visit admission sessions, financial help sessions, and campus walking tours. Present pupils will talk about their experiences on a learning student panel. The many academic departments will be available all along Trousdale Parkway, enabling potential students to shop around and see what majors, programs, and possibilities are present. Additionally, our undergraduate programs will host information sessions, like the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences’ ‘Come Here, get Anywhere’ program, which will look at the different honors programs, overseas studies, and undergraduate research opportunities offered within the Dornsife College, and the Thornton School of Music, which will host a session about ‘The Music Industry and Popular Music.’ fundamentally, should you want to learn about USC as well as the undergraduate experience, Discover USC is the perfect program for you.

After attending the past 2 Discover USC programs, I’ve loved seeing the excitement and enthusiasm students that are prospective the afternoon with. The students who visit are eager to learn more and inquire. Ultimately, the faculty search procedure is all about finding a match and a good fit—just as much as you want particular universities to accept you, colleges wish to make sure you would imagine they’re a possible fit, also. This Sunday, take advantage of the time you have on campus if you’re able to attend Discover USC. Ask students that are current made them choose to come here or what internships they’ve had. Ask staff members what they like about working right here or what makes USC unique. Ask as numerous questions as you can think about. This system is a great opportunity to learn up to you can and truly imagine yourself as a USC student in the future. Walk around campus, connect to other students that are prospective fulfill your admission therapist, and most of all, enjoy the day. You’re bound to master something new and ideally have wonderful day on campus.