www.100percentpeople.com has been on the web for many years but over the past couple there have been more and more retailers and associated businesses realise that everyone isn’t like what we see in magazines and that there is a requirement for fashionable larger clothing .

We have recently renamed the site –www.100percentplussize.com to include a  global directory to be able to offer a one stop shop for our plus size audience and by bringing everything together under one resource will help everyone.

We want to bring access to all the retailers, blogs, magazines, modelling agencies –  in fact anyone who has something to offer the plus size world together under one roof. So whether whatever part of the plus size market you cater for please include yourself in this directory- but don’t forget if you have a service that you can offer our audience then please feel free to add that too.

Then there is the plus size blog and as much as we want to see you in our directory you will also have the opportunity to send us information about your business which we will be more than happy to post and share through the social network arena.

Membership is free as is sending information about events, soon you will be able to add them yourselves. There are options to become featured listings and the ability to be able to add banner ads . Why not take a look at our advertising page.

Over to you ….

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Why did I start 100% ?……

Over 20 years ago I was tall and slim but in my mind I thought I was fat – when I look back at pictures of myself I realise how silly I was. (5’8” tall and weighing 9st 12lbs!) The reason for this was caused by my viewing scantily clad skinny women on TV and in the media. I was talking to a colleague one day and stated how fat I felt and he said I wasn’t, but a 100% Woman.

During this period communal changing rooms were introduced across the land. Horror for myself but if you had any amount of flesh the effect it had was so negative.

This resulted in my new fashion business, 100% Woman, with huge changing rooms and the facility to shut your self away with hubby, kids even the dog if you wanted to with tea and coffee (Wine at Xmas). Business boomed but due to family issues caused me, unfortunately, to close this down.

Over 8 years later with changes in the internet www.100percentpeople.com was born as being a little larger in one or more area doesn’t just affect women, but men and children alike.

The site was created to cater for the needs of real individuals. If you are one of the over 50% (around 32 million) in the UK or over 60% in the USA who are larger than average in one or more areas, then this site was created for you.

We are not trying to say that it is alright to be unhealthy, unfit or out of shape. We do however want to help and support people and provide a platform where you can meet like minded individuals and get information and advice.

Although things are improving, society does not always cater for the needs of those who are classed outside the ‘norm’- whatever that is! For example you don’t have to be just a large frame but if you are seven feet tall you might have a rough ride when travelling with limited legroom and if you have large feet it can be hard to find shoes to fit. For all of these people and more, we provide support, advice and information, which is why we are called 100percentpeople

If you pick up most mainstream fashion magazines in any newsagents and flick through the pages, you will see reams of scantily clad skinny models. However at long last the media have now started featuring larger individuals, although we do feel there is still a long way to go to get the balance right.

Many eating disorders are often caused by body perception which in turn has been caused due to imagery portrayed in magazines and on the catwalk.

Over the last 9 years I started the site www.100percentpeople.com and this has progressed as has the market. However I realised that the market is now growing year on year and although the leaders in the market place will be found I have introduced this portal to make sure that everyone is.

With this in mind we are now launching www.100percentplussize.com which will be a one stop shop by providing information to help everyone feel great about themselves, no matter what shape or size they are.

It seems that even though the whole world is becoming more and more aware of the ever changing shapes and sizes in society and 100percentplussize will cater for this as it is a global resource. However unfortunately although improving there is still more to be done to combat it, that is where we come in!

We have been away for a while due to hubby getting terminal prostate cancer but back now and wanting to hear from all of you who wish to become a contributor and anyone who wishes to add their business to our directory.