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Men Your Prostate Could Kill You !!!!

Men Your Prostate Could Kill You !!!!

  • Posted: Jul 03, 2013
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Yes it is a fact and I am living with this …..

It has recently been Prostate Cancer week and Prostate UK are on the TV talking about the fact that 40,000 men are diagnosed with the disease each year.

Although as a man you don’t normally like going to the doctor it could save your life. Also if you do go to get your prostate checked make sure you have a PSA Test.  I have experience of this as I am living with a husband who now has terminal cancer due to late diagnosis.

Here is his story up to 2011

Prostate Cancer – Listen to your Body 

However during 2012 it was discovered, even following a course of radiation, that his PSA readings had raised again and  that the cancer has spread into his Lymph Nodes and is now Metastatic. He is on Hormone Therapy and at the moment we have a prognosis which isn’t great and we live for each day.

Here is some information we found which we would like to share with you

Prostate Cancer – More Information

For more information have a look at the Prostate Cancer site but here is their video about how they are moving forward to help men with this terrible illness …

This is what they say about themselves…..

logoWe began 2012 as The Prostate Cancer Charity. Merging with Prostate Action, we forged a new identity as Prostate Cancer UK: a bold, dynamic and very human organisation, with men at the heart of everything we do.

The generosity of our supporters and of The Movember Foundation has allowed us to invest even more in world-class medical research and the best possible information and support for men.

Find out more about what we do.

If you want any help contact them but if we can help please contact us at 100percentpeople.com – if we can save one life it will be worth it


Lorraine’s Miami Diet Success

Lorraine’s Miami Diet Success

  • Posted: Jun 27, 2013
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For those of you who have been following Lorraine’s Miami Diet you will have seen this morning how brilliant it has worked for their three participants. Two lost a stone each and the other nearly two and all lost loads of inches across their bodies in just one month.

It was great to see how much more confident they all were especially the lady who will be 50 shortly – she looked stunning and we wish her a great birthday celebration.

Like two of these, many people suffer from eating when life gets stressful – I too am guilty of that !

So if you too want to follow the plan ready to get into your swimsuit for your holiday – it’s not too late – just click on the link below and get started.

They have some good experts on board with great advice and here are some if them….

PreviewFile.jpg (2)

Their chef Dean Edwards’ plan is an example of how to mix up his recipes day by day to keep your calorie intake under control but to also keep yourself energised for your workouts.
Get Dean’s weekly food plan

This is an example of how to choose your meals from the recipes each day. You don’t have to have everything in the same order during all four weeks, just use this as a guideline of how to manage your meals!

Dean’s diet tips:

  • Feel free to switch recipes about but keep lunch recipes as lunch as there are carbs you want to stay away from in your evening meal
  • Dinner recipes can be eaten for lunch
  • Try to cook in bulk and double up recipes – that way you can freeze down portions for a later date, so you are not always cooking
  • The lunch recipes are ideas, so feel free to swap for light salads with lean meat or fish but definitely stay away from processed foods. This is essential.
  • If you can stay away from bread and dairy products as much as possible this will make a big difference, especially in the last week
  • Water is the first thing that should pass your lips in the morning- aim to drink 2-3 litres a day. Get a 500ml bottle which you can fill up and see how much you are drinking. Coffee / green tea do count towards this but try to drink 2 litres of pure filtered water a day


Want to look as good as Michelle Heaton? Print out her exercise plan, stick it on your fridge and you’ll be well on your way!

Michelle’s plan takes you through each day of the week, suggesting circuit or cardio exercises – or a rest when it’s needed. The idea is to repeat the plan over four weeks – but you don’t have to do the exercises in the same order each week, mix them up as you see fit!

Here are some of her top tips for losing weight the healthy way as well as her favourite healthy snacks.

14 ways to keep on track

1. Never skip meals.

2. Eat every 2.5-3 hours – it keeps your metabolism going.

3. Try to drink 2-3 litres of water a day.

4. Try to work out 5 days a week for around 45/50 minutes at a time. If you don’t have time do two mini 20 minute workouts a day.. It’s even better for you than one big one!

5. Always be prepared and have healthy snacks ready in your bag, such as nuts, carrot sticks, humus, protein bars, etc.

6. If going out for a meal, search for the menu online and look for the healthiest option so you are not stuck on the night.. and always ask for dressing on the side! That’s what adds the calories.

7. Do your cardio exercises after weights.

8. Carbs are not the enemy. They give your body energy and fuel for the day so have them early and the right type of carb. Oats, brown rice, sweet potato and wholegrain bread are best.

9. But don’t eat white carbs! At all! They send your sugar levels skyrocketing and that’s what makes you store fat. Swap them for brown carbs or sweet potatoes. And don’t eat any after your mid-afternoon snack.

10. Try to stick to no more than 1-2 pieces of fruit a day. It’s full of sugar – yes natural sugar – but your body will store it as fat if it’s eaten late at night! Berries are the best fruit to eat for weight loss.  If you are having fruit, have it earlier in the day.

11. Pack your plate with green veg! It’s full of fibre and vitamins and most green veg contain so little calories that you burn more calories actually eating them!

12. Flavour your food with spices and herbs, not fattening sauces or oils.

13. Avoid sports drinks when doing exercise as they will blunt your body’s ability to burn fat

14. Have ONE treat meal a week. Enjoy!

Michelle’s favourite snacks

Michelle says: “I always eat every 2.5-3 hours. I never skip meals or snacks as it slows the metabolism down if you leave long periods between meals. Here are my favourite low-calorie snacks”.

  • A protein bar (try keep it under 200 calories and check sugars content, making sure it’s below 3/4g per bar)
  • A protein shake (again one that’s under 200 cals made with water, not milk)
  • Cucumber and tomatoes with low fat cottage cheese
  • A handful of almonds
  • No added sugar jam or no added sugar peanut butter or extra light cream cheese on celery
  • Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of no added sugar jam and a teaspoon of no added sugar peanut butter
  • A piece of fruit
  • Frozen berries blended with a scoop protein powder, ice and water.
  • Three no added salt rice cakes with either low fat cottage cheese and chives, ham (thinly sliced) with low fat cottage cheese or no added sugar peanut butter
Want to get started just click on the link below…



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Finding The Perfect Bra From Bravissimo

Finding The Perfect Bra From Bravissimo

  • Posted: Jun 03, 2013
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I am not sure about you but if my bra doesn’t feel comfortable then I get very annoyed so it is good that Plus Size Bra Retailer, Bravissimo have a great video to show you how to find the perfect bra.

Why not check it out and make sure the next time you, like me, get the right size

They also have some great guides for you to follow – click on this link to learn more 

They also have some lovely styles and here are some of them ….

Bravissimo bp-ln176crma-smallBravissimo

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Models prefers being ‘plus size’

Models prefers being ‘plus size’

  • Posted: May 28, 2013
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According to an article in ABC 15.com they talk about the fact that when it comes to swimsuits, we’re used to seeing skinny models in skimpy suits–but a recent H&M ad using a plus size model grabbed the nation’s attention.

Jennie Runk , as seen in Feature Picture, is the model in the ad, and she’s a self-proclaimed size 12/14 and just part of a growing trend in the modeling industry.  Retailers are jumping at the opportunity to add full-figured fashions to their lines and hire full-figured women to model them.

Continue reading

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Boux Avenue Launch Their Full Swimwear Collection

Boux Avenue Launch Their Full Swimwear Collection

  • Posted: May 13, 2013
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Lingerie & Swimwear Retailer Boux Avenue are pleased to announce the launch their full swimwear collection!

Swimwear from flattering swimsuits to stylish beachwear, head off to your dream destination with the latest styles from our swimwear collection.

Boux Avenue’s bikinis and tankinis are holiday must-haves, from halter necks to bandeaus in prints that sizzle.

With cup sized bikinis in 30A-40G, including many DD+ swimwear styles, you are spoilt for choice.


(*Order by 3pm to collect from 2pm the next day. Saturday orders available to collect on Monday)

Favourite bikini’s for the week!!…….

Lanzarote bow bikini top – £24.00


Zambia animal print full support bikini top – £26.00


For more of their great swimwear click on the link  below

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Offers From My Tights

Offers From My Tights

  • Posted: Apr 26, 2013
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My Tights always have lots of offers and this week is no exception and  here are just a few of them

25% off Jonathan Aston Spring Fashion

The Jonathan Aston fashion collection is a bestseller every season, and this spring has been no exception. Packed full of flirty spring styles and directional designs, the collection has flown off the shelves – so it might surprise you to learn that they are offering 25% off the whole range this week! Mix and match across the range or stock up on your favourites… 

My Tights, 100percentpeopleVignette-tights-lilac, 100percentpeopleEnergy-tights


Up to 20% off Top Sheer Styles

Spring is FINALLY here, and after months of grey and drizzle and frost, we just can’t wait to get our legs out, which can only mean one thing: it’s sheers time. To help you get perfectly presented pins they are offering you up 20% off some of our most popular sheer styles, including hold ups and plus size designs. Whether you wear yours for work or play, this week you can get them for less – so shop their gorgeous sheers now!

Madison Tightsseamless-sheer-hold-uplustre-tights_1

One thing’s for sure: with so much going on every week, you’d be crazy to miss out on all of the hot new products and amazing deals, as well as expert advice and superior customer service at MyTights.com

Plus Size Hosiery, 100percentpeople

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